Coordinateur du réseau provence escapades
Musée de la lavande 84220 Coustellet

The South, an emblematic part of France which reveals a thousand facets. Its geography between the Mediterranean Sea and the Alpine fort, whose natural border of the Rhône deploys land full of contrast from the country of Châteauneuf du Pape to the plains of Crau and Camargue.

It’s a joyful crossroads cemented by historical and environmental values. The South is a summer air full of poetry, it is also noisy life in lively cities with a strong character like Marseille, Nice, Avignon, Toulon, Arles … It is to be on the Place du village around a rosé wine or a “pastaga”, it’s the sea and the mountain, it’s the countryside and the city, it’s the madness of the festivals, it is to relax and it is to move ! All of this is with us and we invite you all year round.